About Mermaid&Wild

Mermaid&Wild started to be come an idea in late 2019, but it took a bit to nail down how everything could happen. We designed some pretty amazing patterns in January 2020, but did not have the technology to use these on clothing, like we really wanted too. 

It was another month, for us to start planning how this could all work and then finally in July 2020 we launched.

About Us

We create fun and cheeky clothing and homewares, that allow you to express and be yourself. All t-shirts are organic and vegan, they are unisex sizing and available XXS-5XL. We also design patterned swimwear (hopefully more to follow) mugs, tote bags and lots more.

In the future we would love to collaborate with other designers for one-off designs. If you would like to be involved, check out this page.

You can read more how we make the clothing here

We Believe that life should be fun, you should be free to express yourself and live wildly (go out of your comfort zone)


The Logo and Branding

We asked our friend jjillustrates, to design us a wild logo for the brand. It was important for use to look bold and colourful, while also standing for being free and ...wild. We gave her a fun and colourful pinterest board with ideas, and she created us this smashing design.