Why these collections? Un-official Society, Pattern Party, Slogan Lover

When Mermaid&Wild became a thing, we wanted to do things a little bit different from our other businesses.  We wanted to focus on a small number of design styles and a few different types of products, that you can't usually get together in one small store.

We absolutely wanted to be able to sell patterned swimwear and sportswear but at a reasonable price and a large range of sizes. Unless you are willing to pay at least £50 for leggings, you can't buy good quality and fun designs, and you can forget about those larger than a stick size.

Pattern Party

The dinosaur pattern was the first one that was designed, and we fell in love with it (and decided to add a few colour variations), this was closely followed by our leafy green pattern.


Un-official Society

Did you know we were originally going to be called 'Biscuit Bandits'? Unfortunately, we found another business with a similar name, so decided to step away from this idea, but still wanted this to be a thing in the shop. 

And so this design became a thing.

Because we love the idea of these un-official society designs, which you and your friends to could buy, we decided to make it into a whole collection. Let us know if you have an obsession you need a society for.


Slogan Lover

We think it is an absolute must to have at least one slogan t-shirt in your wardrobe! That's why we are combining two big trends, fun phrases (that let you express yourselves) and quotes you hear out-and-about.

Look out for more products coming to the collections.

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