Look after Yo'self - 7+ ideas, books and app to help

We are now a year since the very first lockdown, and I don't know about you but I have felt a bit crap within myself at sometime over the last year. I'm missing seeing people, being able to go out to shops, go for drinks and go other places which are now closed.
We have put together a list different ideas to do, along with some helpful books and apps. But please seek professional help if its all getting too much.

What can you do?

We are close to freedom, but while we wait a little longer, here are a few quick ideas you could try to make your feel good. Which don't include buying a dog or going straight to a large glass of something.
  • go for a walk - somewhere different if you usually do one route
  • read a book
  • cook something new
  • try a new activity/learn something - like start running or learn a language and find out about the culture (think of the future holidays)
  • get crafty
  • ensure you get a good amount of sleep each night
  • pamper yourself


I have also collated a few more ideas if you are looking for reading materials or apps for your phone to help fall asleep or meditate.


There are some really good books that have come out recently, that can help rest your mindset, help with you mental health and specifically for anxiety, confidence. Here is a few of our favourites:
Some links will do contain affiliate links, which means I get paid for any purchase.
Rising Strong by Brené Brown
Some critics have said this book is lifechanging, and I know I love love her TED talks.  This book is about owning those low points in life; failing, heartbreak and picking yourself back up. Its packed with sources and research, so don't expect this all to be about herself.

we're all mad here: the no-nonsense guide to living with social anxiety by claire eastham
This book covers surviving real world situations, from social media and new situations with insights to the authors own anxiety and a little comedy. There are no quick fixes, but you can learn to cope day by day.

Self care for the Real world: practical self-care advice for everyday life by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Philips
Wellness pioneer sisters share small and achievable tips towards self-care and demonstrate how to apply them to your life.

The Witch's book of Self-care by Arin Murphy-Hiscock
This one sound a little random, but has currently nearly 7,000 reviews behind it!
Suitable for witches and non-witches alike. Packed with advice for pampering your mind, body and spirit with spells, mantras and powerful activities to help stay healthy, soothe stress an channel joy.

Ten Times Happier by Owen O'Kane
Using the latest tools and techniques across a range of therapies, Owen provides empowering solutions to manage common struggles you might overthink, so find joy everyday.

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Let us know if you have any other recommendations. 

Apps for Phones

meditate, sleep well, relax and de-stress. Hundreds of guided meditations on everything from stress management and anxiety management to sleep, personal growth and mind-body health.
This is another of my favourites, the app is quite simple and has a selection of mediation, sleep stories and voice-free tracks (think rainfall, bustling city etc). The sleep stories are brilliant with a few famous voices and calming stories, I still don't know what happens at the end of the velveteen rabbit.
a daily routine planner to help you track habits and achieve your goals
If you fancy learning a language, I really recommend this one. Its a fun one, with actual phrases and words you might want to speak in the country (including how to flirt). There are lots of different language options, you can choose whether you want to speak the language or not. 

I really hope some of these help in these difficult times, let us know if you have any other books, apps, activities that have helped you. Please do seek professional help if you think things are getting too much for you.

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